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Questions & Answers


With a quick sketch visualization, we can show how the design looks before the final rendering. The image quality in this case is low, but the reflections, gloss and materials of the objects are shown. This is to save time and computer resources, but show the overall atmosphere. Draft visualizations allow you to check the whole composition to make the necessary corrections before the final rendering.

Cooperation with architects

It means the part of our work on concept in cooperation with architects is on the 3D model to see how it look. This allows us to understand the scale model and how the structure works with the environment. The final stage is Texturing, correcting the materials of the facade, roof, windows, etc….

Who needs architectural 3D rendering services?

Our Visualizations services are used by architects, real estate agents and developer. They cannot do without using architectural visualizations and animations for their design proposals. The power of such CG tools is not only in marketing, but also helps in finding design flaws before construction starts. It helps in presenting the architectural project in a more attractive way, when the clients rate at a much higher level.

What does it render?

Rendering is the process of obtaining an image from a 3D model using specialized software, performed by CGI artists. The results of this process are photorealistic visualizations.

What does it floor plan?

This is a 2D is drawn to scale, showing a view from the top, of the relationships between rooms, spaces, furniture to show space and other physical features at one level of a structure.

What are the types of 3D visualization?

In the context of architecture, the main types of visualization are an architectural visualization (called Archviz), interior rendering, architectural 3D animation, virtual staging and virtual 360 tours. But when we talk about product rendering, this field is huge because it can apply to all products for everyday use so and different concepts and even for strange ideas.

What is Post Production?

This is the final process, composing layers from rendering, reflection layers, refraction, lighting, secular and more into a single image file. Retouching and color corrections are used to achieve maximum realism in the visualization. It also includes adding visual effects and contextual elements such as cars or people.

What is 3D animation?

The process of generating 3D videos in a digital environment. With this method, even static architectural scenes look spectacular and dynamic. Architectural animations take viewers on a tour of the real estate as if it had already been built. It shows the surroundings, the external appearance, and guides the viewer through the building. This highly engaging visual tool is a real competitive advantage in real estate marketing and presentation.

3D animation project workflow?

At the beginning, we determine the duration of the animation and the scope. We make a scenario.  The next stage is a pre-render on a white 3d model where you can provide corrections before the final rendering 3D animation. Then you can be sure that you will get the expected results throughout the duration of cooperation.

How much will the visualization cost?

After briefing with as much information as possible, we can estimate the total cost of the work. The brief contains the necessary questions that have a significant impact on the cost. To be able to estimate the price and time frame we need following information:

  • the number and type of the images (interior, exterior, aerial)
  • the deadline
  • purpose of the images (competition, sales, concept showcase)
  • drawings/screenshots from the work-in-progress 3d model to indicate the scale and style
  • project’s location as google maps link
  • any other explanatory images
Are corrections in visualizations included in the cost?

The cost of the final visualization includes three corrections.

How long does it take to create a visualization?

The time it takes to complete visualization depends on the scope and complexity of the project. It also depends on how advanced the project is. The calculated turnaround time is based on the briefing stage.

If we have a 3D model, does it speed up the work process?

Basically, we prefer the own modeling of 3D models of buildings or objects. We have created a clear plan of action 3D modeling, which will ease the next stages of work on the visualization. If the 3d model which we get, will be a high quality model,  of course it would help us and speed up the work process. Sometimes the model which we get is of very low quality and then we need to fix it. So it will extend the execution time.

How do order rendering services?

You should contact with VizAmbiance manager or founder via email and submit a completed brief for your project. Ideally, it should include as much information as possible about the project, drawings, references for materials and finishes, requirements for the environment (with photos or location), and references to the ambiance. Once the brief is received and all the paperwork is settled, we get to work to deliver beautiful images as quickly as possible.